Ceramic Sharpening Stones Designed for Dental Instruments

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Why Ceramic Sharpening Stones?
Ceramics as sharpening stones are a relatively new application in dentistry. With technological advances, ceramics surpass conventional natural sharpening stones in the following areas:

  • Finer quality cutting edge produced
  • Groove proof
  • Ease of sterilization
  • Autoclavable
  • No water/oil lubrication

Prophy Power has researched 40+ ceramics prior to developing this ceramic line.

Sharpened Edge with Fine Ceramic Stone

Remember to check instrument sharpness and your sharpening technique with SHARPEN CHEX. A clear plastic 1/4″ x 3″ rod.
6 Rod Package: $5.00

Double Stuff with Cylinder Stone
Double Stuff, an innovative design, offers a fine and a medium texture in one stone. A complimentary cylinder will accompany each Double Stuff purchase in order to sharpen both instrument planes.
Retail: $35.00

Slip Stone
(1/2 x 5)
This fine slip stone is ideal in conjunction with the Double Stuff. It provides smooth rounded edges to recontour dental instruments.
Retail: $20.00


Tray Stone
(3/4x 4)
These fine or medium try stones offer both a flat surface plus rounded edges along the axis to effectively sharpen each instrument plane. Fine (top) Medium (bottom)
Retail: $17.00


pocket_stonePocket Stone
(1-1/4 x 3)
A medium rectangular stone ideal for tray setups and also offers a slightly larger flat surface for sharpening.
Retail: $17.00

Fine Rectangular Stone
(1-1/4 x 4)
Shape closely matches an Arkansas stone with fine ceramic qualities.
Retail: $10.00