Dental Instrument Retipping and New Dental Instrument Line

Prophy Power specializes in high quality dental instrument retipping.
Retipping does:

  • Reduce instrument costs up to 50%
  • Promotes Recycling
  • Customizes instruments to office needs

What is Retipping?
Retipping is merely replacing the broken or worn out point with a new one rather than replacing the entire instrument. Most dental instruments are made of three parts: a handle and dental points in each end.

Can All Instruments be Retipped?
No, dental instruments that are not retippable include:

  • Solid instrument machined in one piece
  • Opening into a handle not 3/16″ diameter
  • Cracked handle which harbor bacteria or microleakage

If your handle is not retippable, a like stainless steel replacement handle will be provided for $5.50.

As with evaluating any dental instrument, a high quality stainless steel which holds a sharp cutting edge and is long lasting is crucial. Quality requirements for new instruments run true for retyping. There are other retyping services available for less, but quality does vary.

Poor quality stainless steel does not sharpen to a fine cutting edge nor does it hold a cutting edge for any length of time. This translates into:

  • Increased pressure against the tooth for calculus removal
  • Arm and hand fatigue affecting Carpal Tunnel

High quality stainless steel will:

  • Sharpen easily to a fine cutting edge
  • Hold a cutting edge longer
  • Require less pressure against the tooth to remove calculus

Cost per Point
Scalers/Curettes – $5.50
Color Coded Probe – $8.50
Perio Knife/File – $13.50
X-Long Curette – $5.50
Instrument Sharpening – $1.00
New Scaler/Curettes (D.E.) – $15.95 (#6 handle)

Curettes available in two different weights: regular and rigid

How to Order

  1. Make a list of how many instruments you are sending and what points you want back (it does not have to be the same as on the handle).
  2. Sterilize all instruments and indicate with a smile face on the box or package.
  3. Please keep the box your instruments are returned in for future orders.
  4. Fill out order form, sterilize instruments, pack and mail to:
    Prophy Power
    33469 – 137th Lane
    Montgomery, MN 56069
    Download Order Form Here

(952) 898-1594